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Basic Bundle


  • Affordable protection
  • Includes a basic kit
  • Requires a home phone
  • Includes Security and Safety


Cellular Bundle


  • Includes Basic Bundle 

+ SecurTek-provided cellular access (No need for a home phone)


Interactive Bundle


  • Includes Cellular Bundle

+ Manage your alarm from your smartphone or tablet


Automation Bundle


  • Includes Interactive Bundle

+ Manage your lights, door locks, thermostat and more from your smartphone or tablet


1 Free Interactive Device


+ Option to add more devices


*For the most accurate pricing information please contact your local SecurTek Authorized Dealer as regional pricing may vary.

Basic Bundle

The Basic Bundle is perfect for anyone wanting traditional home security and who has their own phone line. 

Our Basic Bundle includes:

  • Intrusion monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring (fire/smoke, carbon monoxide, temperature detection and moisture detection)
  • Enhanced Call Verification
  • The Basic Kit with $500 worth of equipment
  • First year manufacturers' warranty

The Basic Kit includes:

  • A control panel with keypad
  • A power transformer
  • A backup battery
  • 2 door or window sensors
  • 1 motion detector
  • 1 smoke detector
  • Signage (SecurTek window stickers, lawn signage and panel sticker)


Cellular Bundle

If our Basic Bundle sounds good but you ditched your landline then the Cellular Bundle is for you!

Our Cellular Bundle includes:

  • Basic Bundle
  • + The Basic Kit (see above) with $750 worth of equipment + cellular radio
  • + SecurTek-provided cellular access
  • First year manufacturers' warranty


Interactive Bundle

Keep tabs on what's going on at your home from your smartphone with the Interactive Bundle.

Our Interactive Bundle includes:

  • Cellular Bundle
  • + The Basic Kit (see above) with $1000 worth of equipment + cellular radio
  • + Interactive Services
  • First year manufacturers' warranty

Our Interactive Services include:*

  • Wireless alarm communications
  • Remote monitoring and control from your smart device
  • Customized notifications
*Interactive Services may vary between different Interactive Service providers and SecurTek Authorized Dealers


Automation Bundle

For the truly tech-obsessed - we have the Automation Bundle.

Our Automation Bundle includes:

  • Interactive Bundle
  • + The Basic Kit (see above) with $1250 worth of equipment + cellular radio
  • + Automation Services
  • First year manufacturers' warranty

Our Automation Services include:

  • Smart lighting control
  • Smart locks control
  • Smart thermostat control
  • Garage door control
  • Rules-based automation (ex: lights automatically turn on when you pull into the driveway)


  • Alarm.com Continuous Video:‚Äč Enables support for the Alarm.com Stream Video Recorder (SVR). SVR allows customers to capture 24/7, high-definition, continuous video recording for up to 8 cameras.

  • Doorbell Camera: See who is at your front door. Two-way voice allows you to speak to visitors at your door directly from your smartphone or any web-enabled device.

  • Video Verification: A series of images captured from your premise following an alarm event will be transmitted to the SecurTek monitoring station to verify who or what verified the alarm. 

  • Video Look-In: Allows you to look-in and view cameras at any time or when an event occurs from an application via the internet

  • Cloud Video Storage: Storing of continuous video or specific event video clips in the cloud and viewing for a fixed period of time from any device via the internet.
  • Instant Notifications: When alarm events occur, you will receive an instant notification via SMS or email with a link to view a video clip of what caused the alarm.
  • Wellness: Wellness utilizes small sensors throughout the home and analyzes the sensor activity to provide customers with real-time notifications and trend reporting on: sleep patterns, wandering, and nighttime falls for example. Wellness provides real-time 24/7 alerts and reporting directly to the customer.

Insurance Discounts

Many insurance providers will offer you up to 20% if your home has the added protection of a security system that is connected to a monitoring station. Ask your insurance provider what discounts you may be eligible for.